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Solar Water Tank Protection

This unit was developed to provide cathodic protection for water tanks in remote areas. It features two independent controls, one for tank or bowl inside and another for tank bottom or riser protection. Constant voltage output control is provided for the bottom/riser circuit and constant voltage or constant potential control is furnished for the tank/bowl circuit. This power supply is shipped complete and is ready for field assembly.


  • Two separate controllable outputs.

  • Constant Voltage Control mode: In this mode of operation, the power supply output voltage is set by the operator and is held constant at the set point. The rectifier's output current changes as load resistance changes.

  • Constant Potential Control mode: The operator has the capability of setting the desired reference to structure potential over a wide range (0 - 2.5 volts). A permanent reference half-cell is required for the constant potential power supply to operate in potential control mode. The reference cell to structure potential is sensed by the controller and compared to the set potential programmed in by an operator. If there is a difference between the two, the power supply automatically adjusts its output to compensate for the difference.

  • Both controls allow fine adjustment from 0 to the rated output so just the right amount of current can be applied.

  • Sturdy, steel support structures are provided. All necessary hardware, wire, and conduit are provided with each system. Theft resistant hardware is provided for all mechanical connections. The support structure is designed for easy field assembly and installation. Heavy gauge steel enclosures with hinged lids and sturdy lock hasps are provided for battery box and regulator - other materials are available as an option.

  • Standard deep cycle absorbed electrolyte battery. Other battery types available.

  • Typical Model Code:
  • HCS  12 -  3 -  L  VP  W 

HCS - LP Hoying, LLC Solar

12 - Volt Rating

3 - Amp Rating

L - Lead Acid Battery

VP - Volt / Pot Control

W - Water Tank


Solor Power Supplies

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