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Solar Power

LP Hoying, LLC provides a variety of solar power supplies that are designed and built to meet your application’s specific needs.  All of our systems are supplied with all components, hardware, wiring, conduit, and fittings for assembly and installation on site.

Well Casing Protection:


Whether you need to protect a single well casing, or multiple well casings from the same control location, LP Hoying has a solution!


Pipeline Protection:


Whether you need to protect a small distribution pipe or an interstate pipeline, LP Hoying has the solar power supply solution!


Water Tank Protection:


Independent controls for the tank bottom or risers and the inside walls, LP Hoying has a solution!


What's Included:


What you get with an LP Hoying, LLC Solar Power Supply Solution.




Have an old system with a non-working or outdated controller?  LP Hoying has a solution!


Solar Panels & Batteries:


LP Hoying is a distributor of Kyocera Solar panels and SunXTender AGM deep cycle batteries.


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