Well Casing Protection

Protect your expensive well casings with LP Hoying, LLC’s solar powered CP systems. We provide systems to protect one, two, three, or more well casings on the same site with one controller. Our controls are set up to allow the outputs to be shared and tuned to provide the necessary protection for each well.

Our systems are ready to install, pole mounted solar powered impressed current systems sized according to your application. Available in 12 volt or 24 volt outputs, our systems can grow to meet your needs. They are shipped complete with temperature compensated charge regulator, solar panel(s), AGM deep-cycle solar battery, heavy duty NEMA3R enclosure(s) for the controller and battery, switching output controller with low voltage disconnect for battery protection, heavy duty steel solar collector support, and hardware and terminated wiring.

Systems are available in Constant Voltage output, Constant Current output, Automatic Potential control, and Reduced Energy at Night (REN).

REN units are designed to provide 100% of the daytime current rating during the daylight solar energy periods and ½ of the daytime current setting to the ground bed at night.

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